Sense of Euphoria

Furia was created in 2021 in Greece by a highly experienced team of professionals in beauty
It all started with the need for a hand cleansing product that would nourish and hydrate the
skin, leaving no trace but only its refined scent.
Although originally inspired by the initial cleaning and sanitizing need, today Furia’s name is
synonymous with the excitement that brought our signature hand cleansing gel on stage.

The Middle Eastern roots of its visionary gave to Furia the signature fragrance Oud, drawing from memories and emotions from exotic places and experiences of incomparable beauty. Oud is an incredibly luxurious scent for men and women. One of the most expensive ingredients in perfumery with exotic and woody notes.

Our Vision

Our dream is Furia to be connected with the most vivid
memories and experiences.
To elevate wellness and cosmetics care by creating and
providing effective and safe products for us and our
Our vision is Furia to travel all around the world,
turning the spotlight on the uniqueness of the Greek
nature and personality and the crossroad between
East and West.